Big Brothers Big Sisters

of Onondaga County

PEACE, Inc. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Onondaga County helps children, who face adversity, change their perspectives and give them the opportunity to reach their potential in life. We do this with professional mentor managers matching children with community volunteers and guiding them through one-on-one mentoring relationships. We partner with families, volunteers, organization and the community to inspire positive changes in all.

2017 Bowl For Kids Sake

Big Sister Carly

I remember how special it was to spend one-on-one time with women like my aunts, babysitters, and family friends when I was a kid. Being a Big Sister gives me an opportunity to be the “cool” role model in a child’s life and I love that.

Big Sister Renee

I am very fortunate to be a Big Sister where I can mentor my Little through life’s path while having fun at the same time. It’s a rewarding experience that everyone should experience in their lives.

Big Brother Steve

Being a Big Brother means special time(s) for me to help make a difference in a child’s life. I see my role as a mentor who is open to listening and helping that child to see that an adult cares about him and hopes to share his daily, weekly, monthly and yearly dreams for his future.

Big Sister Jacki

Spending time with my Little is the highlight of my week. I’ve loved watching our relationship develop and seeing her mature over time. It’s nice to know I can be part of her life, exert a positive influence, and expose her to new opportunities.

Big Sister Lynette

I love when I pick up my little sister and I get a great big hug from her. She’s always excited when I ask about her past week or when we make plans for future outings.

Big Sister Nadine

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program is one of the most rewarding, fun things I have ever done in my life! The relationship with my Little is wonderful.

Big Sister Eileen

There is no MATCH for the joy you feel when you see a BIG smile on your LITTLE’s face.

Big Brother Ed

Seeing the world through someone else’s lens, and understanding that my Little has had just as big of an impact on me as I hope I have had on him.

Little Sister Karrine

I like when we go places and experience new things. She is very nice to me and I like hanging out with her.

Little Sister Skydyn

I enjoy having a Big Sister because I can do anything with her and I can have attention without my siblings around. I enjoy going to the Zoo with my Big Sister.

Little Brother Ahmari

I like going different places and he talks to me on the phone and helps me with my homework. I enjoy going places and trying new things with my Big Brother.

Little Brother Kearon

I like spending time with my Big Brother and gaving fun with him. I enjoy going to the movies most with my Big Brother.

Little Brother Joey

He’s a nice guy, does sports a lot, a good person and an excellent Big Brother.

Little Sister Shavaya

Best part about having a Big Sister is that I can actually play with someone. I enjoy spending time with her and that makes me happy.

Little Sister Rachel

My Big Sister takes me anywhere. I enjoy seeing her family and having fun together.

Rich Alban

My Little brother is my best friend. I’ve become closer to him over the past 3 years than I am with people my own age. It’s been a great match!

Big Brother

Bill Lamanche

Our experience as Big/Little brother has been very rewarding. We have been able to share ideas and learn new things together.

Big Brother