PEACE, Inc. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Onondaga County helps children, who face adversity, change their perspectives and give them the opportunity to reach their potential in life. We do this with professional mentor managers matching children with community volunteers and guiding them through one-on-one mentoring relationships. We partner with families, volunteers, organization and the community to inspire positive changes in all.

Mentoring programs

  • Community-based Program – matches a child between the ages of 6-12 with an adult Big Brother or Big Sister in a one-on-one relationship that provides friendship and builds trust that can help change both their lives for the better.
  • School-based Program – matches elementary school children with college and high school students to spend time together in after-school programs, helping their Littles with homework, playing games, crafting, going on field trips, and more.

A Big Brothers Big Sisters’ match is carefully administered and held to the strictest standards. Agency staff strives for matches that are not only safe and well suited to each child’s needs, but also harmonious and built to last.

But don’t just think of us as simply matchmakers. We provide ongoing support and supervision to the Big, the Little, and the Little’s family. We offer training and advice to help ensure that the match is working for everyone involved. We receive ongoing training and consulting from the Big Brothers Big Sisters national office. It is this web of support that helps maximize the likelihood that a Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship will thrive.

What if every child fulfilled their potential? Become A Big!